Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Rihanna Rocks the Printed Skirt

Where to Shop
Bag- Target $20
Shoes- Steve Madden $70 sale
Banlges- Asos $23
Rihanna pic courtesy of Just Jared


Supercalifashionista said...

I love the Chloe skirt! Rihanna has fantastic taste, as do you for showcasing her style!

ErinT Fashion Accessories said...

I've never seen your blog before, but I have to say, I love it! I'll definitely be back :)

Anonymous said...

That skirt is hot! I love it.

Laura said...

This is the first time Ive run across your blog, but it is beautiful! Clean and eye catching, engaging and informative. Oh, and I love to shop so I guess I'll be checking back often!

Trendini said...

thank you thank you! I am happy yalls enjoy Lookbook! Check back often!
yes, her skirt is to die for...but at that price...oh la la, i should have found a cheaper one too!