Friday, June 20, 2008

Muse of the Day- Camila Alves

Where to Shop
Dress- Urban Behavior $30


Supercalifashionista said...

That dress is absolutely gorgeous!

Romany said...

The dress is under $30?? Can you say bargain?? Lol.
I hope Camila and Matthew stay together -- I think they're a really cute couple, and I think Camila has some serious "style icon" potential.

bread said...

Yes...I love that dress and the jacket is unisex ( i think). I hope I could get one!


Cynthia and Lauren's Blog said...

Such a cute outfit!!!!! I LOVE the dress, and it's so inexpensive! Pretty much amazing.

I love your blog!!!! You should check out my page if you have some time! :)

Anonymous said...

can you try and add Kim Kardashian to some of the celebrities that you do looks of? she's a real fashionista!

Tasmia said...

h r u?I love your blog.i hv opened my blog yesterday.You should check out my page if you have some time.take care.

X said...

I like your blog. What would you say is then 'in' colour this season. I am getting allot of contradictory views on this.

Trendini said...

Yeah the dress is amazing!! esp for that price!!

Romany- bargain is an understatement! I also hope they stay together...can you imagine how beautiful their child will be???

x- as for trendy colors this season... it varies so much. yes, you will get a lot on conflicting info on that :) I would say that yellow is pretty much up there for garments, gold accessories are big too as well as bright blues...hope this helps :)

anonymous- yes, ill work on a Kim look for you!

thanks for all the lovely comments!