Thursday, April 03, 2008

Book this Look: Sarah Jessica Parker

Where to Shop
1- Leggings American Apparel $44
2- Jacket- Ann Taylor $89
3- Clutch- Couture Candy $77
4- Satin Tank- J. Crew $78


Jennifer said...

I agree.
I think it's the fact that she is so darn tiny. I think that if she was taller or a larger size, it just wouldn't work as well. Plus she has this look about her that you can't explain...that allows her to wear so many crazy getups and not look insane!

Anonymous said...

She IS a fashion victim. That outfit is awful.

Anonymous said...

I like it! and I agree with jennifer that it has a lot to do with her size.

Trendini said...

I agree that because she is so small, styles work better on her and had she been more voluptuous, they may not work but I am just sometimes sick of seeing the same thing over and over again- I like how she makes things a bit different- its refreshing

LBIC said...

Oooh, I have those AA leggings. I love them. I might just wear them tonight, so thanx for reminding me lol

Romany said...

Yes I loved that outfit too! I'm glad I'm not the only one...this chick really does know how to work it, doesn't she? ;)

Trendini said...

Yes Romany! she. works. it.
those leggings are growing on me...i am liking the sheen!
Ibic: your welcome! did you end up wearing them?