Thursday, February 21, 2008

Book This Look (kind of): Victoria Beckham

Victoria Images Courtesy of Just Jared
Click on Images for better look!


Laura said...

I like the mettalic flats! Victoria is scary

kopy kitten said...

Love your site!!! I recently realized that Victoria Beckham's fashions theses days now make me "nervous", even though I usually end up praising her. Sort of like ripping off a designer band aid.

Trendini said...

Laura: Yeah Victoria can look a bit like a fembot at times but I am also digging the metallic flats!

Kopy Kitten: thanks!!! haha, I always end up copying her stlye as well!

kpriss said...

I prefer the flats. They impress me more than neon-posh :) not to mention that they're more wearable too!