Friday, October 05, 2007

The Poshmeister Rocks the Vest!

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The Stiletto Effect said...

I like vests and waistcoats very much :)

-S said...

i love vests!

WendyB said...

She looks great. There are two vests I've been wanting to wear, but since we are having eternal summer, I haven't gotten to wear them (they're not cut to wear alone.)

coco said...

i love those jeans you have found
they are really cute and a lot like victorias grey trousers

Trendini said...

yes! vests are quite hot...i love em very much :)

wendy: that sucks that you cant wear your vests alone...but no worries, the cold is upon on sooner than we think....arghghgh

thanks coco: the UB jeans are nice...and cheap too!!

Candid Cool said...

I adore her, she looks fabulous