Sunday, October 28, 2007

My Shopping Trip...the results

So it took about 3 and a half hours to get to Albany for my shopping excursion. I must admit I was worried at first when, 2 hours into the event, I had yet to make a single purchase. But then Forever 21 appeared on the horizon and the rest is history.
Basically, my purchases can be summed up in 2 words: Ba-sics. Sweater dresses, pumps, flats and Coach. I cannot afford the bag but managed to fall in love with their perfume. All in all, the damage was not so bad.

The breakdown:
  • Nine West flats
  • Nine West Croc Pumps
  • Forever 21 gray sweater dress (it's like my 3rd)
  • F21 black turtleneck dress
  • F21 heather gray prep school blazer a la Balenciaga
  • F21 Black card
  • AE flats
  • Coach Perfume

Eesh...I bore myself with these blah basics..nothing too enticing but in the end, ill be able to mix with everything I own. I paraded said ideas today and felt satisfied that all purchases fit with everything else in my closet.

Next on the shopping list... The Ziona! from Aldo:


Sherry said...

Darling, you may bore yourself, but you do not bore us!!! I laughed at you "panicking" 2 hours in to the shopping and no purchase!!!! I think what you bought is great...what on earth does Coach perfume smell like?!?? Leather???!!! ;) I think Nine West is fabulous and a croc pump would be powerful. I like AE and a heather grey prep school blazer a la Balenciaga can only be "good". You did the best can mix and match with what you already have. This is why you are the trendini and the lookbook expert...I hope you had a fabulous time and managed some R&R and great food.
Were the prices really good with the dollar as it is?
Long waits at the border?
As for the boots at Aldo..get those!! I love Aldo, always have. When Aldo was only in Montreal I always made a point to shop that they are in Toronto it's not as big a deal.

Trendini said...

Ha ha...Coach perfume does not smell like leather! but i would ahve thought the same smells as nice as the bags look :)
Prices were really good in states and wait at border was not that long. I am in love with those aldo boots but need to wait a bit to get them :)
thanks for the compliments!

Anonymous said...

Can you post pics of the shopping haul!? I want to see the shoes and the F21 blazer because i was there last weekend and i wonder if its the same one! Thanks!

Trendini said...

hey, I cant post the pics because my camera does not silly is that?

The blazer is a heather gray with 4 silver buttons, 3/4 sleeve, almost hoodie material...looks like the one from J crew:

without the white piping and shorter...

ae flats are these:
in a gray plaid motif

so...did we get the same stuff????