Saturday, October 13, 2007

Book This Look- Audrina Patridge

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Are we getting sick yet of the rocker t-shirt? I have never sported this look (as much as I love me a good t-shirt). Call me old fashioned but to me, you wear those shirts if you are a huge fan. I would just feel like I was betraying the group if I did not hum their songs daily as I wait for my bus every morning. I would always be afraid that a stranger would stop me with prodding questions about the group's background, traditions and religious views. In return, I would just stare with a blank expression as I can barely pronounce the name of said group. The stranger would then point, laugh and announce to the world that I was a big fat phony. I dont want to be called a phony. So I don't wear rocker t-shirts unless I attended 2 concerts, own a book about them, cut out at least 6 months worth of Big Bopper pics and can recite most of their songs (air guitar and all). In all honestly, the last time I was this hard core about a rock star, it was 1995 circa Aerosmith/ Bon Jovi. So there. No rocker tee's for me. But I am loving Audrina's boots!

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Anonymous said...

Weeee!!! c'était dans mon temps, ca: bon jovi et aerosmith... ;)