Sunday, May 27, 2007

What's Your Look?

Hello people who love bargain price fashion,

While I go about my daily routine of booking the looks of such trendistas as Cameron, Kate and Rachel, I can't help but think that readers must also have great looks up their sleeve and that maybe, just maybe, they wish to share it with others.

I am sure that on a few occasions, you thought you looked so good, you wished someone would book your look, non?

Well, the wait is over my friends. If you have a kick a$$ outfit that you think looks amazing and you wish to share it with the rest of us, send it over (along with your first name, age and where you are from) to Be sure to indicate where you got the items, their cost and (if desired) any quirky/ fun/ interesting fashion advice you wish to dispense.

I look forward to booking your looks! :)

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