Monday, April 02, 2007

Layer your Necklaces!

You know how sometimes you don't know what accessories to wear with a given outfit? For example, you try on few necklaces but something seems to be missing. Well right now, you dont have to decide between 2 or even 3 necklaces. Fashion today tells you: wear them all. oh yes, layering your necklaces is quite hot these days, just ask Parker Posey of Lucky (April 2007).

An important point to consider is not to over do it. Like anything in fashion, one cannot go overboard on a trend without the risk of looking like Paris Hilton.

Most retailers will offer good deals on their accessories. Here are some suggestions from Glam:

-Dynamite necklaces on sale can vary from $5-$10.

-Reitmans has their offer of buy one and get one free

-You can get some up to date trendy pieces at Le Chateau for approx $20

-Aldo and Stonerige will offer you basics for $15-$20

In the end, most Canadian retailers offer great deals, especially if you wait for the markdowns.

A few key points to consider when layering:

  • Keep gold with gold and silver with silver
  • Try a longer thin lecklace with a shorter pendant.
  • If you want to get all Marie Curie on us and expriment with stones, then stick to ones within the same color story (see Kelly Rowlands).
  • Have fun, and enjoy this trend. Like many other accessories, this allows you to look sharp with the jeans and t-shirt. So layer away my friend, layer away...

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